I Want to Break Free - 86 Days to Key West

A whole lot of people (who have never done anything adventurous in their lives) have been harping on me...."When are you leaving for Key West, next year?", "You've been talking non-stop about moving to Key West for over 5 years, it's never going to happen" and my all time favorite..."What are you going to do with all the money people have donated to your move - give it back?". (and that was from someone I am very close too.)

This song is dedicated to all the naysayers, all the  haters and all the bums sitting in front of the TV right now getting fat, old and and grey.

 Queen: I Want to Break Free Live
It's not like I could just jump in the car and drive to Key West.  I have a life here.  But more than that, there is a very, Very, VERY good reason why I had to postpone my move.
My grandson finally made his debut into the world!  Mom, Dad and baby are all safe and sound and tucked in at home and I can rest easy. 
In the mean time, I am getting down to the wire for my big move and I can't seem to focus on what needs to be done. 
For the first time in my life I AM PROCRASTINATING! (I've NEVER been a procrastinator).  I'm thinking that I'm just listening to the nagging little voice in my head that is casting doubt in my directions.  It is VERY hard to tune her out!
I am expending a ton of useful energy that could be used to get going, on just keeping focused.  This is a new concept for me and it is taking some time to get it under control.
I am opening up myself to everything the Universe has to offer and I am going to...
And I am going to...
My mantra is....
Because I want to be a beacon of possibility for everyone who ever had had a dream -
Because, Life is too Short!
To keep the dream alive, I just pretend I already live in Key West.  A friend sent me this recipe on Facebook and as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to whip it up!
Just looking at the picture makes me think of Key West!
Speaking of which....my good friend and KW local, Gary McAdams sent  me this picture to keep me motivated.
Isn't that a beauty?
Whenever I go shopping (which is almost never), the only question I have is "Will this look cute on the beach?" OR "Will this look cute on a boat?". (I told you I'm already living in Key West in my mind :)
So here is my latest beachy outfit I acquired. (I know, I know,  it's pretty prissy, but I can't help it!)
However, I like this nail polish better....I think it looks more beachy!  AND it totally ROCKS  with those Coral platforms!
I ready for the beach...How 'bout you?
Keep your feet in the sand and keep reaching for the stars!