A Death & A Birth - The Circle of Life

I have been remiss posting to my blog.  My family have suffered the pain of death and joy of life.  We have been mourning the death of my brother who was only 3 years older than me.  We are also celebrating his life.  He loved the ocean and spent most of his life on it.  You could always find him with a fishing pole in his hand.  His remains are being scattered over the Gulf of Mexico.  Bubba, May your fish always be bigger then the hole in your net.

In the midst this tragedy we are welcoming a new member of our family.  Tomorrow, my youngest daughter is going to have her first child. I don't want to jinx anything, so I am not going to say any more, except "Fingers Crossed". 

I've been hinting that the baby is going to be raised on a boat like this!


In the mean time...Life goes on.

is Only 96 Days Away! 

On day 100 (last Saturday), I was lying in bed and I got so excited my heart was racing.  I wanted to jump up and start packing.  Things are happening so quickly now.  Most of the things on my list that I needed to get done before I leave are done.  It seems as if the days are just flying by.  My mind is everywhere!  So, if my blog seems a little disjointed - you know why!  

Every day I check the weather in Key West and while Tropical Storm Debby  brought some much need rain to the Keys....

Howard Livingston
it has been near paradise lately down in Key West!

So, while the sun is shining in Key West, my soul is shining here in Texas!

A very wise Conch told me recently, "If you want to live in Key West, you need to live like your already here".  So everyday I get up and I get dressed just like I was in Key West.

Key West Beach Style Inspiration:  THIS IS SO ME!

And I sit by the pool drinking this:  Watermelon Lemonade!
The Secret to any success is keeping it in the forefront of your mind. 

My mind is in Key West!

Keep your feet in the sand and keep reaching for the stars!