I'm Beginning to Freak OUT!


For some bizarro reason, I just realized this last night!  I've been so caught up on getting out of here that I didn't notice how close October 1 is.  

For goodness sake!  It's the second week of June!  It's 104 degrees outside!  Who the heck is thinking about October?  

October....It sounds so far away right now.  October...school has already been in session for over a month.  October...the beginning of Fall.  October....Halloween, witches and goblins.  October...Columbus Day.   October...break out the sweaters.  

When you look at the calendar...the reality sets in. OMG! Now I'm getting anxious.

However, I am more determined now than ever.  Especially, when I receive this in an email the morning after I have my near nervous breakdown.

Whew!  That certainly put it all in perspective for me.

And believe me....I've got people in my life who are saying I'll never do it! (They don't know me very well....) I can do...

And I will....

And everything will...

October in Key West is WONDERFUL!  I've been there numerous times during the month of October. It is is the beginning of the "High" season in the Florida Keys.  That's when all the snowbirds tourists (affectionately known as "City-ots") start arriving for a warm winter down South.

It is also the beginning of the "Party" season!  WooHoo. 

You can keep up with all the events @ www.keywest.com

October 19 - 28, 2012, in Key West
33rd Annual Fantasy Fest
An outrageous, 10-day celebration featuring costume competitions, promenades, street fairs and a grand parade with marching groups and lavish floats.  
            Official Fantasy Fest Site             


October 19 - 20, 2012, in Key West
Goombay Fantasy Fest World Famous Street Festival
The rich Caribbean tradition that flavors Key West's culture is to be celebrated during the 31st annual Goombay Festival. The exuberant street party showcases island arts and crafts, music and food in the heart of Key West's historic Bahama Village neighborhood. Goombay weekend marks the beginning of Fantasy Fest, the island city's masking and costuming gala scheduled Oct. 21-30. 


So keep your feet in the sand and keep reaching for the stars!