Happy Key West Valentines Day!

My favorite day of the year!  St.Valentine's Day!
Red is my favorite color.  Hearts are my favorite shape.  I love chocolates and strawberries and champagne and truffles and everything that goes with the day.  I give Valentine's to everyone!  (Yes, I go overboard!)  What better excuse do you have to shower people with love than on the OFFICIAL  day! 

Through the eyes of a Conch: Henry Fuller
Happy Valentine's Day from Key West!


This is a Sailor's Valentine. An antique souvenir brought home from a sailor's voice at sea.  The gained popularity between 1830-1890 and are composed entirely of sea shells.

 Inspirational Video of the Day:

Well, it's not the usual video, but it's still pretty inspirational!  It's the Margaritaville game on Facebook.  It's pretty fun, too!  
You'll run across many of the real life characters you know  on the rock and you'll also run into characters in Jimmy Buffett's books like Desdemona, Trevor Kane and Joe Merchant. I highly recommend it as a great waste of time.

Key West Inspirational Pic of the Day:
I don't know where this came from, but whoever made it "I LOVE YOU"!
Key West Conch Cruiser Pic & Video of the Day:


Key West Valentine's Outfit of the Day:

Who says you have to wear red today?  Karilynne put this wonderful outfit together that is perfect for a night out in Key West.  The tiny heart earrings make it the perfect understated Valentine's Day wardrobe.
peach and aqua

Key West Inspirational Quote of the Day:

Keep your toes in the sand and keep reaching for the stars!