236 Days - Key West "Sand Bucket" List

Recently, I discovered I have a sister!  Coming from a household full of boys, I always wanted a sister.  I had a sister who died when she was a newborn baby and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have someone to share my life with who understood what it is like to be a girl.
Her name is Jennifer (JV) for short and she is my SFAM sister.  

 Sister From Another Mister! 

Not a biological sister, but someone who is so much like me that we both swear that we were separated at birth!  And she is moving to Key West!  

Inspirational Key West Video of the Day:
Everyone has a “Bucket List”.  You know, a list of things that you want to do before you die. 

I’ve been working on my Bucket List my whole life.  Some of the things will never happen because I didn’t jump at the opportunity to do them.  Like…I always wanted to take a trip on the Concorde.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN! 

I wanted to see the Space Shuttle lift off…NOT GONNA HAPPEN! 

 I’m kicking myself because I didn’t make the time to get them done. 

Well,  JV has a “Sand Bucket List”.  (I JUST LOVE THAT!) 

After I told JV that I was going to steal her idea (and give her plenty of credit), I got to thinking about my “Sand Bucket List”.   

So, now that I am moving to Key West, I’ll have plenty of time to get it all done.  You know…a list of all the things I have said “I’ve always wanted to do that, but never got the chance”, every single,  time I went to Key West for a visit.

Some of the things are touristy, some are plain ol’ weird, but they are things I’ve always wanted to do. So, here you go!

Sunny K West’ Sand Bucket List
1.      Dive with the Mel Fisher crew

2.      Own a real Atocha coin

3.      Fly in a sea plane to Ft. Jefferson 

4.      Take a parasail

Rob O'Neal

5.      Kayak the Salt Flats

6.      Do the 7 Mile Bridge Run

7.      Swim with the dolphins

8.      Watch the beach for sea turtles hatching their eggs

9.      Volunteer at the Key West Wildlife Rescue

10.   Go flats fishing

11.   Drive a jet ski around the island

12.   Visit every bar in Key West and take a picture under the sign

13.   Ride on a float in the Fantasy Fest parade

14.   Take underwater photos of the coral reef

15.   Go out on a sail boat for a week

16.   Take the ferry from Key West to Ft. Meyers 

17.   Go lobster hunting during Lobster Mini Season

18.   Own a pirate costume and wear it

I don't know any of these people.

19.   Fly to Cuba

20.   GET A TAN! (I've never had one!)

So now it's time for you to work on your "Sand Bucket List"!  What are you waiting for?

Keep your toes in the sand and keep reaching for the stars!