One Step Forward - One Step Back...

I want to start by saying "Thank You" to all of my wonderful supporters out there.  I wouldn't have the strength, conviction or faith to keep on moving towards my dream if I didn't have you.  Every week I get emails from my blogging family asking how things are going.  But like my momma taught me "If you don't have anything good to day, Don't say nothin' at all".  Sooooooo, I'm not being secretive, I just don't want to bring you down. 

The reality of the situation is this.  The medical bills for my pup Mr. Mooney, and the cost of staying in one place long enough to have is paralysis treated has drained all my funds.  So, NOW I HAVE TO FIND A JOB HERE!

I know, it sucks, it's depressing, it's making me miserable, but he is worth it.  So, I'm plugging away, getting my life in order and still selling my stuff and packing  - EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So, thanks for all the kind words and keep them coming...


 So just for you, here is the Key West Inspirational Song of the Day:

Stand By Me - Playing for Change 

It makes me cry every time I watch this video. People playing one song, together, all over the world - ONE LOVE!

Key West Hilarious Picture of the Day:

Funny Pic from Linda Fryer!

Key West Dreamy Bedroom of the Day:

Just looking at this makes me want to take a nap.

Key West Inspirational Pinterest of the Day:

From the wonderful blog A Sea of Blue

Key West Memories of the Day: The Old Seven Mile Bridge

Photo by the wonderful Henry Fuller

Key West Aerial View of the Day:

Key West Harbor from the deck of a cruise ship.
That amazing red building is the Key West Custom House.

Wikipedia pic
 Key West Sunset of the Day: August 16, 2011  Taken at Ft. Zachary State Park (My favorite place on earth).

Photo by Chris Rhem

Key West Happy Video of the Day:  Living on Key West Time - On a bicycle - LOVE IT!!

 Key West Print and Keep of the Day:  From Completely Coastal.  My favorite Coastal Inspiration Blog EVER! .  She has made some wonderful, beachy, coastal signs to print out for FREE.  Here is the one I chose.  (Of course being Sunny and all!)

Get your FREE Keep Calm Beach Sign Here!

Next post I'm going to have a huge surprise for everyone, so keep checking back!

Stay on the Sunny side of the Street!!!!!!!!!