It's been a while...

It's been a while but I still love you.  I decided to change my thought process on how I was going to get to Key West and it has surely helped.  Therefore I have been really busy.

I had been living every single day with the thought of  "I'm getting to Key West".  In the mean time the rest of my life wasn't getting the attention it deserved.  Then I decided to listen to my own advice  - 


I am a follower of "The Secret", so I am constantly letting my thoughts become my actions.  But I was trying to live my life right now - IN THE FUTURE, (and it doesn't work that way). So I made a list of everything that was NOT working for me and came to the realization that if I focused on the here and now I would be building a firm foundation for the future.
Viola' - Things turned around immediately!


 Key West Back in the Day!


Remember last post how I said I had a surprise for you?  Well, here it is...
Key West - the TV show pilot (1993).  Starring Fisher Stevens and Jennifer Tilly.  I loved this show when it cam out and I never missed an episode.  Recently I found it on youtube so I going to share it with you.  This week the Pilot. Next post I'm going to start adding every show in order!  I hope you like it as much as I do.  

Last but not least!
Key West Inspirational Pic of the Day:  
Thanks for this bit of beauty from Judy Jack!       

Until next time...

Stay on the Sunny Side of the Street!