The Pot Thickens...Otherwise known as "Don't you hate it when Bloggers get off point?"

So, Mr. Mooney is paralyzed, my daughter might have a life threatening illness, I'm having to bunk with my mother because of the dog, what else can go wrong?

How about "The dog can't pee?". 

You say "WHAT?".  I didn't sign up for this!  But my brilliant daughter got on the internet, read everything she could and figured out how to express Mr. Mooney's bladder.  Actually, it's easy and minimally messy.  Really all you do is take him outside, but your hands around his stomach and pus with your fingers.  He will do all the rest of the work.  But it has to be done every 2 hours round the clock.  WHEW!

In the middle of all this Mr. Mooney was getting depressed.  He is a puppy.  He wants to do puppy things! 

He wants to chase balls,
                                          He wants to look out the window!  

But alas, he can not.  I'd be depressed too.  However, the real reason Mr. Mooney was depressed was he was missing his best friend. 

Lady Le Grande Bouche aka Kiki.

Mr. Mooney and Kiki spent all of their time together.  They even slept in the same bed. Well, she slept in Mr. Mooney's bed and he is entirely too polite to kick her out. So he slept next to her on the floor.

Kiki was back at the house and when I went to go get her, I had found that husband (now was-band) had put her outside and threw her food and water bowls in the trash.  He also changed every lock on the house, but that's a story for another day.

So, Kiki was out in the world, all by herself, no one to protect her, no one to feed her,  no place to sleep and no Mr. Mooney.  I was beside myself.  I put the kennel in the car so that if I saw her I could bring her to my mothers house (mom didn't know it). I paid the neighbor kids $5 each to call me when they spotted her and I would rush over and pick her up.  But nothing for over a week.

Well, as it turns out, I had to call the police to get into my own house.  Two awesome lady cops showed up and helped me get in and get some clothes and personal items.  It was soooooo awesome!  One of the lady cops, right in front of my wasband said, "You can do sooooo much better!".  Thanks ladies for helping me out!  Then I was whining that the SOB had thrown the cat out and she was missing and they have laws that protect animals from abusive spouses, blah, blah, blah, and as we are having this conversation, she says "You mean that cat?"  And here come Kiki right up to me! I was sooooo happy.  Happy that Mr. Mooney would now have his best friend back.

Remember when I put  kennel in my car for the cat?  Well, I had taken it out the day before.  Ooops!  I put the cat in the car without a kennel.  It was like trying to contain a tornado in a pickle jar.  That cat FREAKED!  She ended up under the brake pedal for the 14 mile drive home to her new house.

When I got to my mothers house my daughter distracted her and I grabbed the cat and rushed her in the house to Mr. Mooney's room.  You have never seen two animals so happy.  

They are sooo happy to see each other! I know you can't tell, but the cage door is standing wide open.  they just crawl in there together and fall asleep.
            He's giving her a hug and a kiss!

                  Look how happy he looks!
                                                                                         Relaxing together!

       Off to La La Land!