I belive that signs are everywhere...

For 4 1/2 years I have had my heart set on moving to Key West.  There were some obvious obstacles that had to be met, and I was prepared for that.  I had a child in high school who wanted to finish where she started AND she had no interest in moving to a island only 6 square miles. So, from the beginning, I knew I had a couple of years to get everything together. But I knew from the first day I was there I wanted to be part of this.

Going back home to Texas was exciting the first time I did it because I knew I had a plan for my future.  How could I not move to Key West after seeing this - 

Many of you know, but most of you don't...Venetia is my real name.  It's very unusual and I've only known one other person with that name.  So to see an actual street sign in Key West, with my name on it had meaning for me.  Then, as I was walking around town the first day I was there I saw this...

I really thought God was talking to me.  But throughout the day there were more signs.  

This was a school art project that was decorating a walkway.

Can it get any clearer?

This was painted on an abandoned club.

 On the patio of the Garden House Inn. And then as I was walking down Duval street.  

 And last but not least...

And as I was leaving the Keys, driving to Miami.

So tell me, do you believe in signs from God?