Hold on Boys, It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride!

So, If you have been following my blog....You might have noticed that I haven't posted for the last couple of days.  I'm still working on getting the blog situation under control.  Now I find out I may have to move to tumblr. but I have heard that it is easy to link them.  So, I am still working on that.

It's getting closer and closer to my departure date and I am trying to work out the details of my move.  Like everyone, I have stuff.  I don't have a lot of stuff, but I still have stuff.  Now, what to do with all that stuff is the questions.

Now, this isn't my garage, but this is what my mind feels like.  I've got so many details to be looking after before I leave that it seems like I can't keep any of them straight.  And of course, everything keeps changing on a daily basis.

They say that getting divorced and moving are the two most stressful things in our lives.  However, the divorce wasn't stressful at all and I am so happy about moving to Key West that I'm ready to go today.  But, things need to be attended too beforehand. 

Like getting my SUV to the shop.  Now you wouldn't think that is a very big deal, but the last time I was in Key West it was a 60 day wait at the shop.  There really aren't many mechanics on the island so the demand is super high.  But not just for mechanics.  The same can be said about all the blue collar jobs.  The plumbers, builders, HVAC guys live in some of the nicest homes on the island, because they are making buckets of money. So, before I can leave, the Explorer is getting all the basics taken care of and thorough check up.

Also,  I'm getting ME a thorough check up too.  I'll have to find a new doctor and dentist when I move so I am getting all my records transferred and I'm getting all my annual medical check ups done first.

AND THEN, I still have to find a place to live.  I had originally been planning on getting a 2 bedroom, 2 bath place with a friend and splitting the dog watching duties and the rent and utilities.Rentals are extremely hard to find, (you have to be there), and extremely expensive.  I've seen 2/2's for as much as $3500 a month (on the water) and as little as $1590 (in the ghetto).   I was originally going to move to Ocean Walk Apartments on S. Roosevelt.  I spoke with the manager numerous times and she told me great things about them and made big promises.  It looked great on the website and I like the part of town that it is in.

 But after some of my Key West Friends set me straight I read the reviews!

 But, friend, may or may not find his way down, so that leaves me with Plan A, (which was the original plan). 

Find a room with someone who already lives in KW.   I have seen rooms for as little as $500 a month and as much as $1100 a month, most of which don't even have a private bathroom. 

AND THEN, (there is always another step)...What do I do with Mr. Mooney?  Do I take my dog and hope for the best? Or leave him in Texas with a family member?  Because there are so many bad pet owners many of the rentals say "NO PETS", or if they do take pets the pet deposits are as high as $1000.  And I don't think I'm going to find a roommate who wants to willingly walk my dog. Even as cute as he is.

So, decisions must be made. But one way or another, I'm moving to Key West!  Hold on Boys, It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride!