My first night in Key West

Since I've spent a lot of time traveling in my life, I know the first thing you need to do when you hit town is get a map.  Just as I was thinking about that, low and behold, the Key West Information Center pops up right on the next corner.

I stopped in and talked to two very knowledgeable ladies.  They gave  me very easy directions to my Bed & Breakfast.  They also totally hooked me up with discount coupons for entertainment, food, drinks and water sports.  I felt very lucky indeed that my first exchange with the locals was so nice.  Little did I know, that this was not an ordinary occurrence and that everyone I met there was equally as nice.

My stay for the night was at the Garden House Inn. A cute little house nestled on a quiet little street close to the waterfront and Duval Street. It's one tiny little lot surrounded with lush gardens and 10 little rooms.  It is beautifully  taken care of and just perfect for a romantic getaway.

It was a little pricey ($239 for one night) but I booked it online, I didn't know anything about  Key West then, and it was at the peak of the "high season" in Southern Florida.  High Season is when all the 'snowbirds' from the North make their way down to warmer climes.  At the time when I arrived in early January, every hotel room, Bed & Breakfast, and RV park was booked solid.  The High Season kicks in before Fantasy Fest in October and is usually over by May 1.  So if you're visiting Key West keep in mind the prices for rooms are going to be much more expensive.

The Garden Inn   329 Elisabeth Street, Key West

The West Indies King Room

It was a nice big room with a King sized bed, vintage hard wood floors, a tiny fridge and a half bath.  It even had a small sitting area.  And even though  the room was right in front by the street there was no noisy traffic or revelers to deal with that night. 

Early the next morning there was a light tap on the door and I opened it to find a basket with warm muffin and ice cold juice waiting for me.  I knew  I  was in heaven now.

 kind of went overboard with all the pictures, but the place was so enchanting I wanted to take home every memory of the place that I could get.  At the Garden Inn, I was transported to a remote Caribbean hide-a-way.  I hope you will be too.

From the front of the house you pass the bicycle stand full of bikes for the guests and you go through a gate into a wonderful passage way to an oasis.

When you get around back it opens up into a garden of delights.  A small, but luxurious pool and a wonderful patio where breakfast is served every morning. There was a newspaper waiting, as well as a basket of soft fluffy towels and a multitude of lotions and sunblocks.  I was truly feeling pampered.

Just past the pool on the opposite side is a hidden sun deck for all of your private tanning. 

This funky wall in the breakfast patio just about sums up what Key West is all about.  I just fell in love with all of it and I couldn't wait to see the rest of the island.

Welcome to Key West!  I hope you are enjoying the tour as much as I did having it.

Sunny K West