Day 278 - Let the fun begin!

In 278 days I will be driving to Key West to start my new life.  COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, I’m coming home. 

278 days make the start date (for driving) October 1, 2012.  Me, my stuff and my pup, Mr. Mooney will be driving across five Southern states…1566.88  miles…alone…with a dog…in a truck…pulling a car…by myself…WHAT AM I THINKING?  

But I've got a little help from Jerry Reed - cause I'm  Eastbound and Down!

First thing I did was Google it...

Google Maps was no help at all!

Top of Form

Bottom of Form
We could not calculate directions between 
San Antonio, TX 78212 and KEY WEST, FL 33040.

Straight through is 24 hours and 52 minutes...Like that's going to happen!

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I'm sure I'm going to have to be taking a lot of breaks with Mr. Mooney in the truck, but by my next post, I should have the trip planned out.

If I have any volunteers who want to take a week off and come along for the ride just let me know.  You must know how to drive a truck, navigate a map and share a hotel room with me and the dog!  

I promise you it will be the adventure of a lifetime!

 As a little inspiration, here is a beauty from Howard Livingston!

I will never get tired of looking at this view!