Daily Urban Sprawl and Stress

The planning, the stress, the organization needed to move across the Country has been overwhelming.  So I have not posted as often as I would like.

I live in a city/suburban sprawl that covers 460 square miles.  AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE.

We have 6 police sub-stations.


This is what I had to drive through everyday, twice a day to get to my job.  Subsequently, earlier this month, I was FIRED from said job, because I was 5 minutes late for work.  My office was only 15 miles away and I was spending 1 hour and 15 minutes MINIMUM,  to get TO & FROM  work everyday.

This is the actually route I drove through.

I WAS LOSING MY MIND. (Actually, I had to take Valium before I left work everyday in order to drive home).

(From Wikipedia)
Rapid growth in San Antonio has resulted in the original highway becoming quickly inadequate, resulting in the highway being in perpetual construction and expansion. In the 1980s the portion just northwest of downtown was reconstructed to add a double deck feature to expand the freeway to five lanes in each direction. In 1990, the interstate had only two lanes in each direction from Loop 1604 to where the double deck freeway begins near downtown. Recent construction has expanded the freeway to five lanes in each direction from just outside the I-410 loop all the way into downtown. The I-10/I-410 interchange was reconstructed into a four-level stack interchange.[4]

So I am trading it all in for this...

On an island that is only 6 square miles, my primary mode of transportation is going to be this... 

 Or this...

Or this...

Or this... (My Trikke, of course)

Or my NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle)

Or this...(My Hobie)

And last, but not least... my rollerskates!

Come visit me in Key West!