It's June already!

It's amazing how quickly things are moving.  It seems like yesterday was January and my move was 10 months off.  Now it's only 118 days away and every single day holds a new and exciting step for me.  Some of them sad, some of them happy and some of them I will never look back on.

As much planning as I have done, I have never forgotten that the only thing that is constant is change.   The plan has changed so many time that I am now on Plan H.  

But I'm not worried about it.  You have to start somewhere and each plan is just a tweak in the right direction.

Right now I'm working on my moving arrangements.  Those plans have changed so many times I felt giving up and start walking to Key West.  However, as the plan changed, I felt better about the options.

Originally, the plan was to sell all my stuff except the things I couldn't live without.  I've had numerous Key West residents give me the same advice over and over again.  Only bring half of what you own.  Well, I had a 5 bedroom house with a two car garage, a working office, two decks and an enormous swimming pool, surrounded by 100 acres.

 Even if I got rid of half of everything I owned it would even make a dent in it. But, I did.  In fact I got rid of more than half.  I got rid of most.  Now I live in a one bedroom condo with a porch that is so small my patio furniture won't fit on it! 

I gave away over 5000 books.  I gave away ALL  of my work suits.  Now that I am down to the final countdown, I am even giving away my beloved houseplants.  (I can grow more.)

So, in the process of all this, I have found some real treasure in my boxes. (I haven't unpacked yet from my move to my condo from  my house and I'm already moving to KW). But I swear, I am going through every drawer, every cabinet, every box, every tupperware, every purse, every closet.  NO stone will go unturned. 

And the reason for all this....(drumrollllllllllll  please).
I went from Plan A - A 26 ft. Penske truck pulling my Explorer on a dolly....

To Plan B - A 22 ft. Penske truck pulling a dolly....To Plan C - A 16 ft. Penske truck pulling a dolly

To Plan D - Driving my Ford Explorer with only the barest of essentials.

 You see,  there really is a method to my madness.  I happen to luck into a round trip plane ticket from San Antonio to Miami.  I have a credit that can be used any time between now and March 1, 2013.

So Plan E - Put my furniture and other stuff in storage in San Antonio.  Drive to Key West in the Explorer with only my few necessities and find a place to live that I really like.  (Otherwise, I would have had to move into some place I had never seen before.) (and move again in 6 months.)

In the Spring, I'm going to fly back to San Antonio, pick up a 16 foot Penske truck and load it with my remaining stuff and THEN drive to Key West.  By that time I will have found a place to live that I can settle down in.  I'll have a job and a routine and will have a soft place to land.

So, the real test is going to to live in one room, with a roommate I've never met, with just the barest of necessities for 6 months.  

And that my friends, is a story for another day.  

If you'd like to read a story of how someone else relocated across country, check out this story.  (I refuse to sleep in the back of a moving truck :)  

I don't know how much inspiration I've been to you but I will throw this in for good measure: 


So keep you toes in the sand and keep reaching for the stars!