Welcome to Living the Dream!

This is the  first post to my new blog Living the Dream - Key West.  If you have ever been to Key West on vacation, stopped by the port on a cruise or just drove down from the mainland for the day, you already know the allure of paradise.

It happened to me, as it has happened to others throughout the years.  This blog will tell you how I was inspired to walk away from a life in the suburbs, in a city of 2 million people and started a new life on a tiny island only 6 square miles.

It has been a rocky road getting here, with lots of major bumps along the way, but it will all be worth it in the end.  You can follow me from the first time I ever stepped foot on the island, to how I made a plan to get here, to the cross country trip across the South, to my final destination PARADISE!

Welcome Aboard, I'm happy to have you!

Sunny K West